Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Collecting Beads as a Healing Therapy

When I was 6 years old, I started collecting beads. It was 1971, the decade of flower power and the whole school swapped beads at break times, keeping them in lovely boxes, organised into compartments. I stopped collecting beads when I left Primary School because, 'Big girls don't collect beads ... '

During the development of my healing practice for tinnitus and hypercusis I have returned many times to the child within. It is funny that we think we know best as grown ups, but when I was stripped back from almost everything that I thought I was, I started to re-find who I really am. I am sure anyone with a chronic health condition or long term illness can identify with that.

As a musician, I have travelled all over the world and now I can not travel more than 30 minutes in my car before my hyperacusis kicks in. I was feeling a bit miserable about never touring again when it occurred to me that I could collect beads from the countries that I would re-visit if I was able; Egypt, Africa, America ... it was so exciting but the most thrilling bit was still to come.

Everyday the Postie comes with beads for me from different countries, a daily gift from around the rold  ... today is Egypt and these beautiful hand carved scarab beetles are worn for good luck. In Ancient Egyptian religion, the scarab was a symbol of immortality, resurrection, transformation and protection. Wearing the scarab amulet gave confidence in the knowledge of reincarnation.

That feels very poignant to my life right now, in transition from a hearing person to a hearing impaired person, from a musician to the next phase of my creative journey.

Maybe collecting beads is not the thing that would heal your spirit in the way that it is healing mine, but perhaps there is something that your 6 year old self would like to gift you ... 

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  1. What a perfectly exciting thing to do!!! My thing is glass and my aunt lived down the street from a stained glass studio during my childhood so I would walk around the grounds collecting small shards of colored glass I would keep in a shoebox. That box was my most prized possession. During a dark time as an adult I started collecting vintage glass jewels from around the world to rekindle that sense of wonder. I know the excitement you feel upon receiving small packages in the post! And it is ALWAYS a good idea to remember what made your child self happy!!! I am asking myself that question yet again and remembering other layers.


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