Thursday, 29 June 2017

Poet's Corner at Quiet Space Studio & Gallery

Writer: Ceridwen Jacques

I have had some wonderful guests come to visit at Quiet Space Studio & Gallery this week.

Ceridwen Jacques brought me a copy of Grapevine Magazine, where her wonderful poem about 5 rhythms dance has been published. 

Since having my tinnitus and particulary hyperacusis, being in spoken word events is out of the question for me and I really miss hearing people's poems. I think there is something about the spoken word that gives a deep insight into how the writers themselves, perceive their work, and I like that. It opens a window into their soul for me.

So, I asked Ceridwen if she would do a reading of her poem for me, which she did.

And it gave me an idea ... a Poet's Corner at Quiet Space Studio & Gallery, except the only member of the audience is me. I can then feature the poet's work here, on my blog and on the Quiet Space website which means everyone gets to see.

If you would like to be a featured poet in this tinnitus and hyperacusis friendly way, feel free to pop over to facebook and drop me a line.

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