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Sunday, 2 September 2018

Fallen Tree: How stories save me

When we are little, we love listening to stories, especially before bedtime. They are loving and comforting, so why not have bedtime stories now, even though we're grown up? That's why 2 weeks ago I started sharing the stories from my new book Soul Seeds: Planting Heartfelt Stories on Facebook Live. 

I am delighted to have had so many people join me. It's really helping me to feel connected, even though I can't go out like I used to. How wonderful to have a platform from which to share my work, literally, from my bedroom and to help folk feel relaxed and calm before bedtime.

I absolutely LOVE writing stories, especially when they have an inspirational message within them. Most of my stories are based on my own healing journey. I write them to lift my spirit, to help me face my day, which can be a challenge with constant tinnitus.

Like last night, I laid awake for hours again because my tinnitus was literally as loud as 2 conflicting ambulance sirens, reverberating around my head, so eventually, I got up and started making little story pockets to cheer myself up. The tactile nature of the felt and the concentration needed, takes my mind away from the tinnitus. I enjoy making them so much, that having the ambulances in my head, doesn't seem quite so bad. So, although writing stories and publishing books is my career, hand-making books and story pockets is my therapy, it saves me.

The 4 Fallen Tree Story Pockets from today are now finished and ready to go to new homes. They are just £5 each to cover my material costs (plus p&p) so that my creative therapy is self funded. Each pocket includes the story printed on recycled paper, a mini talking stick made from the very bones of Fallen Tree (as stated in the story) with a little acorn or pine cone charm and then on the outside, there is a tree of life charm.

My story pockets really would make beautifully quirky Christmas gifts (Yes, I know it's early, sorry).

If you would like to buy them, please drop me a line on facebook. I'd love to hear from you and it really will give me so much joy to wrap them up and post them to you. Thanks for your  loving support.

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