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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Say it in the Sand: A Creative Way to Grieve

My dear friend, Sean Corcoran has launched an International project based in Ireland, to help people and families come to terms with their grief.

'Say it in the Sand' has been born from his involvement with the 'Campaign to Prevent Suicide'. Whilst working as a Sand Artist with families during this project, he found that people felt an enormous sense of release by writing messages or names of loved ones and watching the sea reclaim them from the sand.

This has inspired him to devise 'Say it in the Sand',  launched on World Suicide Prevention Day, inviting you to release your grief, privately, on your favourite beach, or if you wish, sharing your sand messages on his page for others to take comfort. Already, in just 24 hours the response has been overwhelming, with people sharing their moving pictures of messages to loved ones who have passed away, such as Tricia Bradfield, who sadly lost her dad and her daughter within 8 weeks of each other in 2011. 

'A Message to Grandad' made by Tricia Bradfield

I feel very privileged indeed that Sean has used an extract of my music for the film. We have lost 2 members of our family to suicide, 2 beautiful young men. The pain never leaves us as a family. By creating music for Sean's Campaign it feels like a small way of reaching out to others and saying, 'we're here, we know, we see you.'

Thank you Sean for your pioneering, innovative and meaningful work. You can join the facebook group page for more details click here ... SAY IT IN THE SAND

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