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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

The Real Reason Why Trees Let Go in Autumn?

I saw this post today on a friend's facebook page and it is right, off course, trees are about to teach us a lesson in letting go, but the real lesson is in WHY they let go of their leaves, not simply that they do.

That's the thing with Mother Nature. She has so many lessons to share with us, if we understand from the viewpoint of nature itself, rather than our definition of it. 

I used to feel quite sad at seeing the trees stood naked and bare without leaves, until I found out that the reason why the trees purposefully drop their leaves in the Autumn, is to preserve their energy and water supplies for the inner core, to keep strong through the tough winter months ahead. The energy that it took to hold onto their leaves, is released, the leaves drop, they are no longer needed and that energy is now re-focused into the core of the tree trunk, holding her fast.

So, the lesson is that sometimes we need to let go of all the things we no longer need, that no longer serve us, however radical that may sound because  by re-channelling that energy, we can build a stronger core to hold us strong. 

What are the leaves that you will be letting go?

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