Saturday, 8 September 2012

A 'Mad Man' in St.David's?

Simon Morgan Thomas is a bright young actor from Cardiff. He came up on the train and we shot off to St.David's make the most of the sunshine.
This is the Tower at Oriel Y Parc in St.David's , a beautiful Gallery and National Park Centre including Amgueddfa Cymru -
National Museum Wales Gallery, Shop, Cafe and Information Centre.

Simon represents the character Dafydd washed up on the shore at Newgale and heads down to St.David's.
When he gets there, people ignore him, judge him, dismissing him as a 'Mad Man'

The filmscape is for the track 'Mad Man' from the production which is a social criticism of sterotypes regarding metal health.
I didn't have a budget for extra's and part of my Arts Council of Wales Individual Mainline Grant target is to consult with members of the community, so I asked people on the streets of St.David's if they would like to be in a film.
They all agreed and we had a total of 16 people.

The interesting thing is that they were all uncomfortable in being negative towards the character. I found this so interesting because when I wrote the song, it was based on a real situation I encountered when travelling around West Wales earlier this year formulating ideas for songs.
It was really quite touching how people reacted to the character and pleasing to hear a wealth of positive discussion regarding mental health.

We had 2 elderly gentleman, a bike shop owner, 2 school children, 4 American tourists, a couple on holiday, A hotelier and guest, A family of 2 adults and 2 smaller children ...
and the reaction was the same every time.
We then did a film shoot in the Bishop's Palace before heading down to Newgale to get very wet .. well, Simon, not me!
Bless him, he was completely submerged, fully dressed in the sea!

Got to tell ya folks, Simon is an absolute joy to work with! We had such good fun and yet stayed completely focussed and got so many great shots it will be difficult to choose!
Simon is multi-gifted. He is an actor, a percussionist and also a brilliant community artist.
He is an equity member and his details are all on Spotlight if you would like to work with him too.
Here are the links to Simon's details folks ...
Simon Morgan-Thomas Member of Equity.

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