Thursday, 6 September 2012

Street Dancer at Mumbles

GREAT afternoon at Mumbles filming with Martin Kurina, Street Dancer. He's just 18! Yesterday ...
When Martin told his freinds about our last film shoot they laughed, but he is a very focussed young man, determined to gain as many arts experiences as possible. He is so easy to work with. Gets straight on with the job, never complains and takes direction really well.
Bless him, we were both horrified when we arrived at Mumbles for the shoot. The tide was OUT! This was the only time we could do the shoot and we were making the most of the sun coming out (at last!) We walked across the rocks and stones to what looked like a sandy area .. it wasn't! I stood in it first and sank! Yes SANK!
When we walked back we saw a concrete area and so I said let's have a go filming on there. It was then we realised it was a sewage pipe!!! So the sludge that covered my flip flops and feet was not just wet sand I'm afraid!
Still we were not swayed from our mission and filmed regardless of the gurgling pipe! We just prayed that that the flushing loos we could hear echoing up the pipe were not heading our way!
Afterwards, we went further down the coast to the end of Mumbles and filmed Martin dancing there.
Martin has had a busy day today. This morning he performed his 2 New Singles at a Youth Fayre, then went off to college where he is studying the dance option of Performing Arts. He is an all singing, all dancing lovely lad, with vision and drive ... I think we could well be seeing a lot more of Martin Kurina in the future ...
You can find out more about Martin at this facebook link ...

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