Friday, 28 September 2012

Singing with DOLPHINS


What an absolutely mind blowing and life changing experience singing with dolphins is!!!!
Thanks to Sea Watch Foundation I have a wonderful collection of recordings of dolphin signature whistles and echo location to include into the msuci for the production.
Thanks to Ceredigion Wildlife I have had the most AMAZING experiences at sea dolphin watching on thier survey boats with Skipper Steve Harltey and lsitening to them 'sing' with Sarah Perry, Science Officer. It's enough to make you want to pack your bags and live in New Quay forever ....
I got absolutely LOADS of footage and wiull be incorporating this into the filmscapes. Janet Baxter, Official photographer and I are doing a creative exchange .. I will write some musci for her photo's as a movie and she will allow me to use some of her pictures for the production. Also Lyndon Lomax very kindly sent me photo's from our boat adventure too. Thanks so much to Ceredigion Wildlife and teh 'friends of' for a fabulous time.
Just as an aside, did you know that when you spend 9 hours on a boat you can't walk straight when you get off!

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  1. Trust me, when you have been several weeks on a boat you can't even think straight, let alone walk straight! Xxxx

    Ps wanna borrow a skull?


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