Monday, 10 September 2012

Ukulele Lads At My Pad!

What a treat to have 5 wonderful Ukulele lads from Swansea Ukulele Group at my pad tonight ... 
I first met the lads at the film shoot I organised with The Tin Shed Experience in Laugharne (See earlier blog) Since then Rob and Ollie have taken part in The Gwilli train Filming with me ...

We ran through the songs from Fusion Inspire that the lads will be learning to perform live with me in January and February 2012

After a quick cuppa

We cracked on with a bit of tuition
A listen to the full tracks

And playing along with a learning backing track

They'll be back now in Nov/Dec for a rehearsal ...
Turns out Will with the cool tattooes also plays guitar and went to university to do Popular Music. He said he's well up for learning some of the guitar parts too, which would be very cool indeed!
Thank lads! A pleasure to have you on board Dafydd's Journey!
Aside:  Got to say, it's not a usual occurence for me to invite 5 men to my house for a jam! But what fun ...  although I have to admit,
 at times ...
 I did feel a bit like 'Miss' lol! :)

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