Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Painting Songs

Brilliant! Amanda Painting has now been 'recruited' as a musician for Fusion Inspire.
I popped over to her place at Morfa Isaf Farmhouse today and we had a good old chin wag.  Mandy put the tracks on the laptop, sat at the piano and immediately got into the vibe .. I could have wept! It was beautiful! She is nothing less than gifted!
As an aside .. her dry dock boat accomodation is now finished!
OMG! How totally and utterly cool is that!
So, if it's howling when I come to shoot the film of the LegaC Arts Care Gofal Celf dancers ... we'll skip the beach and use the boat instead!
Mandy is also booked into the studio with me to lay down the piano on the tracks and will be perfroming live on my tour in Jan and Feb. She's also going to do some backing vocals with me live.
To quote a man who wooed me through the TV screen in my early teens .... HAPPY DAYS!

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