Thursday, 6 September 2012

Making the most of the sunshine

Remember Martin Kurina from the film shoot at Arthur's stone where he street danced with Taran for my film shoot about the song
Rock and a Hard Place?

Well, the sun is out today so I'm picking him up from college to take him to Mumbles to film him street dancing in the sea (Let's hope the tide is in!)

It's for the very end filmscape where he will represent the character 'Hope'
We tried filming on the beach before with Martin and his DCC Street Dance Crew but the rain caught us once again and we ended up filming in the Dylan Thomas Birth House
thanks to Annie Haden who agreed the film shoot last minute for us.(see earlier blogs) 
But I feel that the end shots need to be a lad dancing in the sea and I like the idea that Martin has reprsented Dafydd in other film shoots because as the character comes to realise that Hope is inside him and from within him, he'll recognise himself in the dancer ...
Watch out for my next blog which will show you how we got on.
College won't let Martin come out early so we can't go til later now and I'm longing the Sun Goddess to stay with us! Still, we'll shoot it whatever the weather! I've got a feeling if we wait for the sun to stay we might never get it done!

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