Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Funny Old World! Stumbling Upon a Sculpture


It's a funny old world!

I've been thinking about Dai Collage's drift wood bench and struggling to get someone to make the body of the bench before it is decorated ...

... and then I was passing a garage on the way home today where I remember seeing some amazing hand made benches months ago.

When I got there, they were sold out but the Shop Assistant gave me the phone number of the man who makes them.

When I rang him tonight turns out that he is Simon Wilkins .. one of the 2 artists responsible for the Abertillery Installation ... the enormous sculpture commemorating the colliery disaster in Six Bells, as well as many other well known pieces.

We had a chat about Fusion Inspire and he is now making my bench with locally sourced eco and recycled drift woods for my installation.
WOW! I am blown away at the treasures hidden here in West Wales! It really is a truly beautiful and inspirational place which is why it draws so many creatives and artists. I feel very blessed indeed to be a small part in the patchwork of creativity scattered across this coastline.
You can see pictures of Simon's work on his facebook page. Here's a link:

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