Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Do you need low cost Gallery space near Lampeter?

Because I have had such an amazing time in The Gallery at NBGW this week, I decided I wanted one of my own! Me being me, I rushed home to chase Rightmove and see what I could find .. and lo and behold, a beautiful building called The Old Sunday School is available on a peppercorn rent.

Only thing is, there's no water .. not a problem really, cos you could take a huge bottle of water, but no loo! So, it was no good for me because it's about 40 minutes from where I live. Then I thought, well, I wonder if any of my friends would like to have it in their life.

If you live near Cilcerran @ 10 mins from Lampeter, and you would like a lovely Gallery or workshop space .. why not take a look ...

Here's the link to Morgan and Davies in Lampeter ...


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