Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Dragon Tree Launch!! NBGW

Brilliant turn out today!!
I am somewhat overwhelmed to say that over 250 people came to share my Dragon Tree Live Performance with me today!
The launch kicked off with LegaC Contemporary Dancers interpreting my first track
Mermaid Scales.
The beautiful Rachel Hargrave playing drums and 3 of the cracking Swansea Uke boys.
Rachel stayed on the drum and my gifted friend Amanda Painting joined me on vocals for
Women Build Fires

Mandy went onto Piano and we were joined by Johnstown Primary School Eco Council for the Dance of the Ribbons


4 of the gorgeous Swansea Ukulele Group came to join me in performing Mr Blueface,
with Rachel on shaker ...
Then Rachel went onto drum and we performed Rock and a Hard place
with Matin Kurina street dancing

Then I joined Rachel on Djembe, sitting on my rather lovely new story telling chair!
Mandy came back on stage to perform 600 Castles which led into Dolphin Dancing.
Bigyn Primary School danced with dolphins led by the lovely Sam Collins.

Then I invited everyone back onto the stage to perform together for the last track before we went to watch The Dragon Tree Film
in the Theatr Botnica.

We were very lucky that Rachel Stelmach from Disability Arts Cymru managed to get to the Garden through the adverse weather, to display her lyric presentation for people who might not be able to hear the songs.

So, what was my highlight of my day?
Well, there were a few, more feelings of intense relief! We had a fair few weather related gremlins to deal with, but overcame them!!
If I'm completely honest, writing this blog is a highlight! I'm looking at the pictures and thinking ... was I actually there doing this today? Because it is almost as if it were a dream. Even looking at the pictures, it is as if I am looking at someone else!
A great big first for me today; I have put on film events exhibiting the work of the people I have supported to make thier own films, like the young mums group for instance, but I have never exhibited one of my own films before today!
I have never prayed so hard for the computer to say 'YES!' The theatre was completely packed. I looked at everyone watching my film, all concentrating, as if transfixed. It was a new feeling, a strange feeling .. I almost can't describe it. It's only now that I think .. WOW! How incredibly privelidged am I, that people come and support my work in this way.
Bless you all!
Now we're gearing up to St.David's in February kicking off 13th at Oriel Y Parc with a Dragon Tree Ukuele Workshop and then the BIG event on the 16th ... will keep you posted!
Massive thank you to the National Botanic Garden of Wales for hosting The Dragon Tree this week.
But heart felt thanks and genuine gratitude to The Arts Council of Wales for my Individual Mainline Grant.

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