Saturday, 5 January 2013

Final pages!

Just putting the finishing touches to my little A6 Dragon Tree children's book before it goes off to the printers. Andrew Lewis is the Graphic Designer I work with in getting it all ship shape. We have been working on my books together for over 10 years. This will be my 33rd book! So by now, he totally gets me!
Usually they are community books where I support other people to tell and publish their story but this time, it's my book, my story. And I can't tell you how excited I am about it!
I figure if there were ever a good time to launch my book, it is with the films and songs and arts installation. I am pushing myself right before deadline getting it done, but hey ho! Who needs sleep anyway! LOL!
The book will be available for sale on my website when it is ready so keep an eye on my merchandise page:

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