Monday, 7 January 2013

Radio Interview with Welsh Connections

Had a wonderful interview with Mike Kennedy of Radio Oystermouth tonight. He is such a lovely man. Within about 10 minutes I felt as though I'd known him years, like reuniting with an old school chum. He absolutely is 100% passionate about his music and indeed knew more about my songs than I did. He very genuinely is interested in song writers and why they write. The show isn't about him for one second ... You know how Parkinson interviews people getting their story to the fore front by cleverly nudging the interview to give them a platform ... well, Mike is a bit like that only more rock and roll ... say, a bit like the Ron Wood interview radio & TV shows. I don't think I have ever in my whole career been given a 2 hour radio forum to talk about my work. Thanks a million Mike! Oystermouth is a community radio station which pretty much means it is run by volunteers who give their time and dedication to local airwaves and it seemed a fitting place indeed to talk about The Dragon Tree given that it is based in Oriel Bach in Mumbles. BTW Oriel Bach is beautiful. Bach is little in welsh, and yes it may be a little gallery originally set up by students to share their work, but it is crammed full of creativity and inspiration. I'll definitely be going back during the daytime to buy lots of beautiful things made by local artists using materials from the coastline: right up my street! So, Mike is going to send me the show on DVD and I'll make little films from it and put them on here so you can have a listen. The interviews are being edited and re-aired this Thursday too. Talking about my work for 2 hours I thought ... blimey charlie! I've done quite a lot really, haven't I!!! I suppose you can't see it when you're in it. 2 hours with Mike is a bit like Self Esteem building for song writers! I came out smiling and feeling relaxed ... what a diamond chap he is! And what's more, Mike has a ukulele he is going to donate to my fundraising for my trip back to play music with the chidlren in the orphanage in Belarus.

Top night: Top Bloke: Top Radio Station

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