Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Editing Queen

A thousand thank you's to my lovely chum Jacqueline Anderson who has very kinldy offered to help with my grammar!!! I have finished my story book to accompany the production, but, to be honest, I'm getting a bit tied up in knots by the grammar ... ,;.':::...;;;;..... """"") (.....:::'''',,,,?!

I find it quite easy to edit other people's work, but it's a nightmare doing my own! I'm too close to it.

Jacquie is a grammar whizz! It's one of her many strengths. We grew up together, me and Jac. She lived opposite me, and me opposite her. Actually, Jacuqie is gifted in many creative ways. She can sing and act and dance and write poetry ... I always thought she would be famous! She's also very funny!

Life takes many twists and turns and Jacquie hasn't followed her creative path as yet.
2 years ago I was approached by a writer as part of a community project called Celtic Women, where I was Creative Director. Grethe Gillman asked me to help her publish her series of 7 books. I advised her to publish one book at a time and gave her all the contact details of how to go about making it so.
Grethe was 90 at the time. Whilst she was putting the 1st book together, she asked me if I knew anyone that could edit. As luck would have it, Jacquie had just told me that she faniced editing books, so I paired up my 2 friends.

I thought I'd write to Jacquie on facebook and see if she would do a grammar edit of The Dragon Tree for me. She very kindly, didn't hesitate. Thanks chum xx

I'm hoping that in editing my book and seeing how bad my grammar is, after reading my little story, Jacquie will be inspired to write the things that have been waiting to fall out of her for years!
I leave this video clip from Youtube here for Jacquie because, when we were 10 years old, singing into our hairbrushes, following these dance moves, Rock Follies is who we thought we would be ...

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