Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Dolphins at Breakfast

I went to New Quay to stay, this time deliberately to go out and use the hydrophonic sound equipment with Steve Hartley’s team, but sadly it just wasn’t meant to be. However, I did hear the dolphin clicks and signature whistles on line (not the same) and I also ended up having quite a lot of meetings about it instead, but that’s ok, I will have 100 meetings if it means that I do actually get to go and record the dolphins, to sing with them.

I decided to let go of my disappointment and just enjoy the amazing opportunity to take time to create, film, photograph, paint, write, strum and work on the story board outline, oh and off course collect more mermaid scales on the beach.

The cottage I was staying in was right on the sea front and had a little area which I called the poop deck, which literally butted onto the sea. I had my breakfast out here in the mornings and I was just breath taken, awestruck and filled with the most immense joy that I thought I would cry, because every time I went out there, I saw the dolphins. They were jumping so high from the water that I could see the whiteness of their underbelly.

Sometimes, they were rising from the water vertically and then falling down to one side to make a big splash. Other times they were so slow that all you could see was their wet slithery back and fin coming out and over the water as if their bodies were somersaulting in half time underneath the waves.

It seemed as if they were family units with different sized dolphins, some jumping and other taking their time, but every time I caught a glimpse of their face, it was as if they were smiling. And who wouldn’t smile if they could swim with the ocean and dance with the waves. I have a cunning plan a foot and will keep you updated as it come into fruition.

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