Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Stonehenge Rain!

We had the children out of school at Kidwelly Castle for Tai Chi and it just so happened that on the same day, in the afternoon there would be a replica of Stonehenge as part of a national tour, stopping in Wales for one day only, at The National Botanic Garden.

The brilliantly 'outside the box'  bouncing recreation of a world heritage site offered us a new and quirky way of enjoying history ...  I couldn't miss the opportunity of filming the children in slow motion laughing and jumping around on it in such a beautiful setting.​

The 'pop-up' Stonehenge is stopping off at Heartlands, Pool, and Exeter's Belmont Park

"Sacrilege", the inflatable is the brainchild of Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller.

He described the air-filled landmark as "a way to get reacquainted with ancient Britain with your shoes off".

The installation was jointly commissioned by London Mayor Boris Johnson and the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art. Arts Council England have also provided financial support to the work.


 But sadly, looking was all we could do ...

 Because the heavens more than opened
 just as we had taken our shoes off and gotten ready to be tigger-tastic!

Photo by Mair Watts

We stood beneath brollies and trees gazing longingly at probably the bounciest welsh stone we had ever seen!

From my Fusion Inspire point of view, this is the 2nd opportunity to film this month that has been thwarted by a wet June! Usually I take it on the chin and believe that it is what is meant to be, but the production tour starts in January so I need to get things 'in the can' so I can start to focus on the music and story lines ...

There's only one thing for it!


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