Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Flowers of the Wild West

My sister came down to stay one of the nights that I was away and we went for a wonderful walk along the coastal path. I was so taken with all the wild flowers that I photographed them.

I have really gotten into photographing things whilst working on this production, so much so that I might fram some of them and see about doing an exhibition somewhere as part of the tour.

When I have been working on Community Productions and projects as a Creative director, or even just as a facilitator I have needed to take 1000’s of photo’s for ‘evidence’ to prove to funders that we have been doing what we say we have been doing. So not taking them with a creative eye, just taking them because needs must. Usually I will give digital cameras to people in the group and ask them to take pictures because it gives their perspective, but also because if you are delivering a course it’s quite awkward to take all the pics as well. When I was working with the Innovate project on a creative Writing Project where they write their own book, we based the workshops at The National Botanic Garden of Wales.

This gave the young people the opportunity to have a photograhic location with amazing potential and they were snapping all the time.

But they snapped randomly, up in the air, down low, without looking, through leaves ... when we loaded them onto the computer there were some AMAZING shots (some not so amazing but hey ho!) I mean, mind blowing shots! Shots you would never have thought to take, inspired by the random! What the young people called ‘The Money Shot'

So, it has been fabulous in writing this production to use random photography in the hope of ‘the money shot’ but what is happening is that I am learning from the randomness that some shots work better than others, and through this organic capture of the beauty I am witnessing I am learning about light, focus, texture, quirkiness, angle and colour ... In fact, I’m really getting into it!

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