Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Singing with Cows!

Yes, more cows! I am in love with them! For those of you regularly reading my blog, you will have seen The Cow Collective. Well, who wouldn’t be mesmerised by them? They are quite simply, majestic.

Before my friend left for her trip to London, invited by the BBC to watch her film selected as part of a collection  ‘Day in the life’, she asked me if I would do her a favour whilst Cat Sitting.
‘Please could you go down to the fields and sing to the cows for me.’

So after tea I meandered back down the bumpy lanes to the fields where she had said the cows would be. But there were 100’s of them! And they were all eating at exactly the same time, I heard them munching before I could see them. All in the same 4/4 rhythm: I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t have my digital recorder with me and my video camera didn’t pick it up, so I will need to go back there and record the sound to incorporate into a soundscape somewhere in the production becasue the sound was awesome.

Anyway as I walked down there was another field with cows, more spread out. I started singing Daisy Daisy ... and they all came charging over! What a way to whip up an audience :)

Actually, it was a tad frightening at one  point because cows are actually very big and barb wire fence is actually very thin! Luckily I video’d them so you’ll see what I mean ...

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