Thursday, 14 June 2012


DDC Street Dance Crew

Wow .. what a great response to my call for a dancer! Thank you for wanting to be a Fusion Inspire Consultant and take part in  my  film shoot.

I really appreciate the effort made by everyone who took the time to answer my shout out.

I am very pleased to tell you that a young dancer from Swansea called Martin Kurina contacted me.

He has set up and runs a street dance school for young people in his community and he has said today that he would like for his school to take part in Fusion Inspire, so we have booked in July 3rd.

Martin  is going to talk with the dancers next week and I will go to the school in July.

After class, when everyone is warmed up, we'll all head down to the beach for the shoot.

How totally cool is that dudes!

Martin Kurina

Seriously, I'm so chuffed because I love the fact that Martin as a young person is making a difference for other young people and that they are coming together to share thier gift. It sits well with me.

If all goes well,  the troop may be up for coming to perfrom live as part of the end production ... we shall see!

Oh, and if you or someone you know wants to go along to DDC Street Dance Crew then why not have a look at the facebook Group Page for full details. Here's the link:

  • Special thanks to Sarah Passmore for spreading the word.

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