Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Opening Creative Flows

Funny isn’t it ... in workshops when I have been doing song writing with literally 1000’s of people, I have used painting, photography, clay, ceramics, jewellery making, film, sound, a whole range of arts to help them to access their creative thought, enabling them to write once these channels have been opened.

Evaluation Canvass from one of my many Community Workshops

But until now, I have never had the opportunity or the time to use these mediums to feed my own creative writing.

 Evaluation Canvass from one of my many Community Workshops

My writing has been crammed in at bed time before waking up to deliver the next project. So many of my songs are in 4/4 timing because they are written to the metronome of my windscreen wipers when I am driving for hours to reach community groups in remote areas. My own creative work has been slotted in around everyone and everything else. It is changing my life having the time and opportunity to explore my own creative flows.

Who would have thought that I would have considered a photographic exhibition! Or painting marketing materials myself ... and who knows what else I will find and embrace that will make me feel equally as joyous to be alive.

Thank you so much to The Arts Council of Wales for my Individual Mainline Grant for without it I would never have had the time or opportunity to connect with my creative self in this way nor would I have had the opportunity to embrace the West Wales Coast line in a way that will enable YOU to re-live it with me, through film, story, song, sound, spoken word poetry, dance, creative arts ...

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