Friday, 15 June 2012

Tin Shed Time Travel Experience

Well, you know me, always up for killing a few birds with one stone ... oooh no! That sounds awful! Knocking over a few skittles with one bowling ball .. now that's better!

So, after performing as part of the same line up at The Dylan Thomas Birth House, Lorraine King, (very well known, respected and gifted song writer from Wales) and I  chatted on facebook and decided we'd like to meet up.

I thought it would be good to chat through ideas with Lorraine.  In fact, when I was looking for info on mermaids, it was her Jemma Seasalt song that came up first on youtube. Besides which, Lorraine is such a good giggle!

At the same time, a facebook friend called Meinir Evans had been trying to tempt me to go to The Tin Shed, a 1940's Museum in Laugharne.

And as you know, I have been really pining for Afternoon Tea at The Boathouse because ...

I had such a calling from Dylan when I was retreating in New Quay and I  felt an overwhelming need to be in Laugharne.

So, I decided to do all of these things at once, because as luck would have it, Lorraine is good friends with Meinir, they go way back from when they were girls.

I met Meinir at the Dylan Thomas Boathouse and in my next Blog I will show you the wonderful walk up to The Boathouse from Laugharne Castle.

Then we toddled off to meet Lorraine at
The Tin Shed Experience.

Now then, I bet you're thinking .. Tin Shed? Mmmm, Old Uncle Albert had one of those down his allotment and you never ventured down there did you, no, neither did I, because we didn't think it would be fun, did we!

Well, hats off to all the Uncle Alberts in my past who had a tin shed! I GET IT NOW!!! THEY ARE FABULOUS!

I was sooooooooooooooooo excited
I can not tell you!

The vibe at The Experience is chilled and laid back; a time wharp almost and this is not just because the tin shed is a time travelling catoclysym of nostaligia, no, it's because the people running it are such warm, beautiful, genuine passionate Shed Heads; noone could fail to feel as if they never want to to leave! To quote the man himself ...  

got off the bus in Laugharne,
and never got back on again

Meinir is partners with the Director of the Tin Shed Experience (and it really is an experience) Seimon Pugh-Jones, then there's lovely young Matthew Hughes, with a smile that would cheer up the sunshine during showers, he's in charge of marketing and the internet. Another Director is Andrew, but he had to shoot off ... seemed like equally as nice a chap though ...  Oh and I met Matthew's Dad who has been hammering and chiselling and making and doing all that building type stuff that tin sheds need!

The result is outstanding! He is most likely one of the most up-beat tradesmen I have ever met and that will be because he could not fail to be happy overlooking the fields, with 50's music trailing the wind and good old fashioned community spirt by the bucket load; working for love <3

Meinir is the Queen of Cakes! I kid you not, she is West Wales' answer to Nigella!

She contacted me the night before my visit to ask me about my dietary requirements and then made me cakes to meet my needs.

Now that is being looked after!

So me, Lorraine, Meinir, Seimon, Matt, Andrew & Matt's Dad have all talked in the sunshine on the verrandah of the tin cottage and  we are planning some exciting Fusion Inspire collaborations which I will blog about as and when they are confirmed!
(Which will be very soon!)

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