Saturday, 9 February 2013

Acoustic Dragon!

Some very dear friends of mine live in a beautiful converted school in Blaenavon, South Wales and for many years, I have performed at fund raising evenings in their home, always cram packed full of musicians and poets: old friends
It's a space in which I feel comfortable
to try new things ..

So, tonight I took my guitar, my uke and djembe, along with a bag full of percussion and did my Dragon Tree songs completely solo and acoustic.

It's a great test for a collection of songs if they can stand up on their own, but because I recorded them in the studio and overdubbed lots of instruments that I played myself, for the large productions, I am using pre-recorded tracks, so that everything that I play is showcased.

This was my first performance of The Dragon Tree songs acoustically and it went very well ...
Off course, I was absolutely racked with nerves, suffered severe cotton mouth as soon as I sat down, but after a few verses
I could feel myself bedding in!

It certainly has given me the confidence to perform the songs without all the razzamataz!
I know now that I can just sit and tell the stories, sharing the songs ... which makes me feel easier and sort of ... glowing.

Although I know most of the gang ... there were so many people there tonight and it was a great opportunity to make new contacts ...
will tell you about a fabulous 75 year old author that I met in my next blog!

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