Sunday, 3 February 2013

In Dylan Thomas' bed! With Cheryl Beer

This is Dylan Thomas' bedroom, beautifully restored by Annie Haden, at Dylan's actual birth house, Number 5, Cwmdonkin Drive.

Had to show you this secret window, which had been hidden, bricked up until Annie restored the house and found it!

Such a wonderful house with so much love put into the restoration, so you can imagine I was overjoyed to be invited to do my first book reading of The Dragon Tree in Dylan's bed!
That's why I decided to get into the spirit of things and wear my pyjama's!

The room was full of colourful people, some of them on the bed with me, while I read chapter 7, where Dafydd comes face to face with Mr Blueface, Dylan Blueface, whom he feels has been following him. Dylan Blueface takes Dafydd to number five to play piano in his father's study, which Annie tells me is where on a wednesday evening, Dylan would have his friends for a soiree.
Dafydd looks through Dylan's secret window ... and this is the window I am referring to earlier in the blog!

I can't think of anything quite so out there for my first reading of The Dragon Tree, in my pj's, in dylan's birth house, in his bed, with a room full of people! Lorraine King even joined me in her pyjamas too!! That's her tucked up with Spot!

Thanks Jeff for recording this very special night for me ... I've edited a wee film on youtube. The quality is not great but it will give you an idea ...

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