Sunday, 17 February 2013

Film Exhibition at Oriel Y Parc

So blown away to have a packed out audience for my Dragon Tree Film Exhibition in Oriel Y Parc.
I should say here, that Oriel Y Parc is a truly beautiful space owned by The National Park. Stunning!
And it was absolutely awesome to exhibit my work alongside the fabulous gallery of other artists ... Diolch!

I sat next to Miranda who features not only in the film, but in the book and as she squeezed my hand, I had to hold back the tears!!
Such an emotional day!
So many people have emailed me today to thank me for the opportunity of sharing this journey with me ... genuinely now folks, THANK YOU because for me, my road would be a lonely place without you in it. You know, it is only today that I can feel anything. Yesterday, my friend Bríd asked me if I enjoyed it and I said that I can't say yet ... well, today I can say ...

It was a very special experience and one that I could never have dreamt. Enjoy would not be the right word, more: moved by the wholeness of the experience.

When I put the plan together for The Arts Council of Wales over a year ago now, I had no idea that there would be a film in its own right in addition to the performances, I thought I would be making backing film images.
I had no idea I would perform in The Cathedral and bring all these guests who had consulted throughout the process, with me to share the space ... the original plan, was for a small gathering in The Court House.
Instead over 250 beautiful people came to this small village like City and left humming my tunes and telling my stories. Now then, that is totally WOW!!

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