Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Dragon Tree & The Goddess

Had a wonderful afternoon tpday with Carol Lovekin who has very kindly lent me her beautiful hand made banner for The Dragon Tree in Trevethin 28th February at St.Cadoc's Church 6.00pm. T'is the banner she kindly lent us for Celtic Womenfest last Summer, so I'm very excited to be taking her Goddess on a new adventure! The banner will hang behind us on the stage.

Carmen Jones of Trevethin

I'm also planning to hang Sam Collins' Dream installation from the lighting rig so that it hangs over the pews above the audience heads.
Then my arts installation will be on stage with me and the other musicians.
I'm being joined by Amanda Painting on piano and the Ukulele lads form Swansea Ukulele Group as well as Sam Collins and some of the chidlren from Bigyn Primary School are also coming to Dolphin Dance.
I'm so excited to go back to Trevethin. It holds many happy memories for me from when I was Artistic Director of Carmen Jones of Trevethin with TSP Voices and many community groups. It is a beautiful church that transforms into a theatre space.
After the live performance we will watch my Dragon Tree film on the big screen.
Be fabulous to see you there folks!

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