Thursday, 7 February 2013

Where are The Dragon Tree venues in St.David's, Pembrokeshire?

For those of you who haven't been to St.David's before, here's what you're looking for!

This is the Cathedral. Do you see those little people in the distance on the left? They are outside the front door .. that's where you need to head for 12.00pm on Saturday 16th February to see my Live Performance of The Dragon Tree where I will be joined by special guests from Artscare Gofal Celf LegaC Contemporary Dance Troop, Bigyn Primary School with Sam Collins, Johnstown Primary Eco Council, Swansea Ukuele Group, Jeff Beer & Amanda Painting.

This is The Court House. It is on The Square at the end of the High Street. It's both buildings and the entrance is the door on the right side, a bit back from the road. I will be in here from @ 3.30pm to meet and greet people after the performance and film showings, and to showcase my Dragon Tree book. My Arts Installation will be in the lounge so that all weekend, while people are walking down the High Street, they will see it through this lovely big window.


This is the front door  ...

Someone has put up little Dragon Tree fliers all over St.David's ... wonder who?
Who do you think!
This is the front of Oriel Y Parc owned by The National Park. They do have thier own car park which they ask you to pay for by machine.

The Dragon Tree Film showings are in this building, also on 16th February at 2pm and 3pm.

The front door is to the right of that blue screen.

When you get in, you'll see reception desk. The Studio and Conference Room, which is where we'll be, is to your left, but they are very kind and helpful staff and will show you where to go.

Special Note: They do a great cappacino for £2 in the lovely Cafe.



This is The Round Tower at Oriel Y Parc.
On Sunday 17th February The Dragon Tree film will be showing all day in this Gallery for those who missed it on the Saturday, or who want to see it again. 

It's beautiful, isn't it!
I feel so utterly blessed and a tad overwhelmed to be bringing my creativity to these amazing spaces.
Thank you so much to The Arts Council of Wales for my Individual Mainline Grant, making it so.


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