Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Behind the Scenes!

You know, being a film maker, singer, song writer, installation artist, author, director, editor, performer & musician isn't all
as glamourous as it may seem!!!

Was up at the crack of dawn yesterday doing all the little things that make a big difference, like the dreaded IRONING!!

And today, we were up at the crack of dawn to go and pick up the van ... we've been loading it all day! It's like a jigsaw puzzle!

Days and days of work for under 2 hours of perfromance! It will take us longer than that to drive to Trevethin, St.Cadoc's church from our home in Carmarthenshire!

And today, you've guessed it, my old friend stress has come back with a vengeance!! He's attached to my back whispering panic-y things in my ear just now. I take a deep breath and say with a smile,' what will be, will be' but stress knows me well, and he's a persistent so and so who will not rest until he has drained me of all sleep and rational thinking!

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