Saturday, 1 July 2017

Om Kali Sand Art at Quiet Space Studio

I am so happy to present to you my very first installation at Quiet Space Studio, LLandysul. A Collaboration between myself and my dear friend, Sean Corcoran from The Art Hand in Bunmahon, Nr Waterford, Ireland, on the beautiful Copper Coast.

When I was a Resident Sound Healer in an Artist's Retreat in Lower Normandy, I recorded my work on an old hand held, sharing it with facebook friends online. 

Sean heard my track Om Kali and asked me if he could respond to the work in Sand Art as a collaboration. 

When I got back to Wales, I went to my Sound Recording Studio and recorded a full version for him, with Jeff Beer, who very kindly joined the collaboration by engineering the piece.

In response to the Meditative Music I had composed, Sean took to The Copper Coast & created the most incredible piece of Sand Art in response.

And today I launched the work at my Quiet Space Studio for Carnival Day in LLandysul.

I quietly played the Meditation Tracks from my album Apples in the Rain and The Mantra Experiments in the back ground. It is the first time I have listened to my own work since my hearing loss. Having my hearing aids meant that I could actually hear it without is distorting. It was very moving. I also put oceanic oils in my cold air diffuser to take folk to the beach through aroma.

I exhibited with the work, my growing collection of Talking Sticks made from driftwood. I have been making these in response to a new poetry book I am working on entitled 'The Beauty of Decay' which I think sits well with the transient nature of Sand Art.

I am so touched that all  the aspects of our collaboration had such a tremendous response from the public. Certainly smell seemed to have an equally as strong impact as the visual, 3D and Sound art. 

Sean is sending me the film so that I can show it with the work in Quiet Space Gallery. If you would like to call in and see the piece, please let me know you're coming.

Meanwhile ... here is the Youtube version.


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