Saturday, 12 August 2017

Featured Storyteller at Quiet Space Studio: Steve Killick

What a busy week at Quiet Space Studio, LLandysul filled with special guests, featured storytellers and magical people. Steve Killick is all three of these. 

We were part of the same team at the Storytelling for Health International Conference earlier this year and quickly became friends. 

I was delighted when Steve accepted my invitation to become Quiet Space featured storyteller, driving up from Cardiff to Ceredigion for a private telling of his new story, How to be a True Friend, which is over a 1000 years old, starting as a piece that was sung in verse, passed through the ages to today.

Steve gives us a sneaky peek at the story which actually lasts about half an hour. He will be telling it later this year in full at Kemis Storytelling Suppers, Cardiff and is planning to tour it next year.

Tonight I have been editing a digital story of the telling so watch this space ... I'll post it here when it's all finished.

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