Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Discourse of Transformation

And so it begins ... today I had my first meeting with Jenni and Ali, a wonderful couple living at Gorslwyd Farm on the Coast near Aberporth, which if you haven't been, you really should, especially Mwnt, but that's another story for another time.

This was our first meeting regarding their new venture. They currently run Gorslwyd Farm as 'Holiday Homes with a Difference' and alongside this have started offering more and more spiritually connected retreats. It is this power that they are now stepping into fully.

Their new direction is based on the key aspects of transformation.We hear this word applied frequently in holistic circles and so the 3 of us really dug beneath the cultural discourse of healing, into what the authentic truth is for Jenni and Ali in terms of their definitions, as well as their living experience of transformation itself. 

Indeed, change is a pathway that they tread almost constantly together as Yin and Yang. Jenni's strong spiritual connections and Ali's groundedness, combining to compliment each other, although for me, their journey is something more than the sum of their 2 hearts ... something additional, that I can't quite put my finger on. To be with Jenni when she is expressing her belief, is almost to witness the receiving of a download from somewhere beyond this realm.

What I love about design briefings like this one is my ability to bring my extensive skills as an ethnographic poet into the business context. It enables me to holistically capture not just the words, thoughts and sentiments of the other but a poetic from the perspective of their heart.

In business, every now and again you come across another like soul and have a deep meeting of minds but today feels like a meeting of kindreds.

I am home now thinking about it and I literally have a glow about me. Do you remember the Ready Brek advert with the child who glowed with orange? (see above)  Well, that is how I feel.

Funny thing is, if I had not lost my hearing and developed tinnitus and  hyperacusis, likely I would not be able to take this work with Jenni and Ali ... I would have been busy elsewhere chasing what I thought the Universe wanted of me rather than being still and having faith that all is well. Food for thought, indeed.

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