Friday, 4 August 2017

The Healing Power of Pooh

One of the most wonderful things in my healing practice, has been clearing physical space in my life as well as emotional and spiritual.

Some things I have given to the Hospice Shop, others to friends and some belongings I have shared with friends on facebook to re-home for a small amount of money, enabling them to have the things they would like and me to know my beloved belongings are off to good homes.

My little Pooh family have lived in a basket on top of my wardrobe for more years than I care to mention, so I decided to re-home them.

A friend contacted me. When she was a child, her family had a house fire that robbed them of all their belongings. She was so upset that she lost her Pooh family and has always thought of them, even now that she is all grown up.

When she saw my post, she felt as though her beloved Pooh & Friends had returned to her. Here is a picture of them in their new home.

How moving. It is touching indeed that my belongings have gone to such a  lovely home.

My friend gave me £12 for my Pooh family and I am donating it to the Grenfell Tower Appeal through the Big Give. It was opened to raise emergency funds for the poor families of the Grenfell Fire in London earlier this year. By donating through my donation was matched, so that it increased to £24.00.

And this is the healing power of releasing 'things'. Just from my toys, I can bring about so much love. If releasing toys can bring such joy, just imagine what power releasing emotions can bring.

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