Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Resident Crafter at Quiet Space

When I was waiting for my hearing aids from the NHS, I was very poorly and couldn't go out of the house becauseof my hyperacusis, my friend Caroline Lane from Hembra Crafting visited me at home to share her passion for wool. 

Maybe it is because she, herself has a hearing impairment that she understood what I was going through, or maybe just because she is a lovely friend, either way she brought sunshine into my life. Since then she has been back and for teaching me all manner of traditional skills and generally being a wonderful support. She has totally inspired me and sparked my imagination. 

That's why I have invited her to be Resident Crafter at Quiet Space Studio. Last week Caroline came to teach me drop spinning and members of the community popped in or watched through the window as they passed by. Next month she coming to teach me hand dying with local mountain flowers. How exciting. 

Caroline now has an Exhibition Box at Quiet Space Studio filled with woolly lovliness. Her company Hembra Crafting that she runs with her friend Anne Batye, runs workshops and attends events. 

Caroline has very kindly offered to take my Circle of Friendship Bracelets to West Wales Wool on October 14th & to Llandovery Sheep Festival on September 23rd & 24th. This means that even though I am not well enough to get there myself, a little piece of my creativity is still out there in the world, and that feels very special. Thank you Caroline. 

Friendship, for sure, is a beautiful yarn to weave within the fibre of life. This week my lovely friends Susan Berry is coming with her spinning wheel to Quiet Space and teaching me to spin. I don't know if my hyperacusis will cope with the sound of the wheel, but unless I try, I'll be none the wiser. And it is my hearing aids that give me this knew found confidence to try.

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