Monday, 31 July 2017

Earth Angel Tinnitus : An Holistic Arts Mentoring Course for those living with Tinnitus & Hyperacusis

Living with my hearing loss is one thing, but living with severe tinnitus and hyperacusis are another. The constant noises in my head and the distortion of sounds within that range, have at times, pushed me so close to the edge that I have felt as if I were losing my sense of self.

On New Year's Eve, in a tiny temple on the hills of the West Wales countryside, I had nothing short of a spiritual awakening that turned my soul around.

I awoke New Year's Day fully committed to dedicating myself to devising a healing practice for my tinnitus and hyperacusis and what's more, that once I was well enough, I would share this practice with others and raise awareness of the condition.

And it fills my heart with love that I am now so close to finishing my first Holistic Arts Course. I have designed it specifically to Mentor others with Tinnitus based on the healing practice that has saved me and given me back my life from tinnitus & hyperacusis. 

It will be available soon on CD or as a Download. I am just finishing the design work for the packaging.

Helping others pull themselves back from the same brink that I found myself teetering on, feels so right. 

If you would like more details of my work you can pop over to my website or look me up on facebook. All love to you.

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  1. Very interested in learning about your tinnitus journey. There is no apparent medical cause for mine that we can find. I would like to find some peace in my head soon. It's overwhelming at times and I feel it was triggered by a series of events that were inevitable - all stacking on each other. I often feel if I could get away and really decompress it would rectify itself. Hope to hear from you!


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