Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bloggin' by the Sea: The Cat Sitter

It’s the end of Day One of my Cat Sitting duties!

What on earth does Cat sitting have to do with Fusion Inspire?

Quite a bit actually.

Miranda Betts, the dancer blogged about earlier, her partner and their furry housemate Fudge, have very kindly welcomed me into their lovely home. While the humans are camping at a Buddhist Retreat, I am snuggled up with Fudge overlooking New Quay.

This is the view from every window and door of the house.

I was so excited pulling up in the car I couldn’t get out quick enough.

And I have decided that these 4 days belong to me. I never do that. I never put days away just for me. I am always finding my days packed full of responding to others, which is totally cool, but I really need some time ALONE! Apart from Fudge off course! Fusion Inspire Time: A Fusion Retreat, to write up all my blogs, to paint my oversized production journal that will be available for YOU (and all the other people who accept my invite to the production) to flick through; a peek inside my head, another angle on my creative journey, time to formalise songs, to create.

But, already I have given in and booked 3 visitors. I have decided that Tuesday will be visitor day.
They  are all very exciting guests: Teena Gould is coming on over Tuesday Morning to talk Tai Chi and Castles for a film shoot and then Sam Collins is coming in the afternoon to light a fire on the beach.  Rounding off the day will be Jeff Beer who is then coming over for tea in the evening. We’ll treat ourselves and eat out I think, how lovely!

Today has been absolutely magical. It is blowing merry hell out there. I can hear the sea crashing over and over, relentless in its journey inwards and outwards and inwards ...

Every so often, the wind escapes the waves and echoes through the lane beside the house, whistling a merry tune of escape until it fades into a wisp of nothingness.

And today, thanks to a lend from Sam and Amie Collins, I have painted with the greatest of joy almost all the day, my brush rhythmic inwards and outwards echoing with outside.

And today I have played my banjo, a new addition to my family. I love the jingley jangley tone. It’s a 5 string G tuning, and I caught it winking at me in Indigo Music in Milford Haven. Nicky is so lovely who owns the shop and I really admire her. She is a young woman with 4 small children and another one on the way and yet she has set up and is running the most gorgeous business. She even has a Pick and Mix Stand in the shop! Ukuleles, guitars, banjos and sweets! Does it get any better?

And today I have been playing my uke. I LOVE her. She is my current affair. My guitar is feeling very miffed about it! But she knows I’ll be back, always am.

And today I have been formalising the Fusion Inspire songs

And sketched out the first draft story board. Well, it’s 2nd draft really, the first draft has been replaying over and over in my head for weeks, but it is officially down on paper ready to be changed and added to and taken from, embellished and nurtured.

And now. it’s 1.34am and I’m tucked up in bed with the calor gas heater reaching out with one bar, fairy lights are twinkling around the head of the bed, the windows are dressed in floor length dark dusk red velvet, pulled shut against the etching sound sculpture; breathless constant wind whispering. Deliciously alone; wonderfully wrapped up in getting the formulation of ideas from the last 7 weeks, out of my head & onto paper, to construct the narrative of the production, the story that will link all the parts that have come and shown themselves to me.

It’s great here, no TV, no internet, no reading on my mobile phone; just me, the waves, the wind howling & Fudge purring.

I have set the alarm for Early O’clock because I can’t wait to wake up and have another day like today. I went for a walk this evening just before darkness won the tug of war against the daylight, and it said on the sign attached to the Quay that there are boat trips going out tomorrow afternoon at 1.45pm. Today’s trips were cancelled due to the weather. I am hoping we will be able to go out to sea because there are many dolphins that live (or visit) here. And I would LOVE to be able to film them and include them as a soundscape and filmscape backdrop for the production; Let us see what Mother Nature intends. If she wishes me to have dolphins in the production, then I will meet them, if not then I won’t ... I will believe that she would rather I meet the dolphins another day, and will return later in the Summer. She knows me well enough to understand that I’m unlikely to give up first attempt!

Night Folks!

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