Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Dai Collage! The Transformation Begins!

How to turn a 6 ft 2 plastic ex shop model into
A Welsh Language Translator

Jeff drills the holes into is his stomach (ouch) and cuts a square out of his back(looks a bit CSI to me!) to fit the speaker adapted from an old CD player of mine, so Dai becomes a speaker ready to house the welsh language translation of my production.

Now for his skin!

Using recycled newspapers from the west wales coast line
the collage starts ...

Paper maché: Have used 50/50 PVA and Water glue

And it sticks a treat

Just a bit of patience now ...

Have sat him on a stool in the lounge so that when there's a spare 5 minutes, whoever is passing can help out with sticking a bit on,
then it will be done in no time!

I have cut out all the relevant stories that I want for the top layer so that he is a good read.

Once all the scripts and lyrics are complete, I will get them translated and then find welsh speakers from around the west wales coast line to do recorded readings, which I will edit and mix with music, played through Dai ... if you'd like to take part in some recordings email

Dai will be the introductory installation before the live performances ...

This is the point where if I were on Blue Peter I'd whip out a finished collage translator and say ... 'Here's one  made earlier!'

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