Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Dolphin Prince: Cadfael

Photo by  Janet Baxter : Available at Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre

One of the most exciting things about New quay is that dolphins love it here. So I had planned to go out on the little fishing boat to film them as part of the projections for Fusion Inspire but the weather has been howling so bad that not only have boat trips been laid off,  one of the moored yachts came loose and crashed into the others!

So looking for dolphins has not happened, YET!

However, when I went into the Dolphin Research Centre to find out about the trips, there was a sign up saying ‘ADOPT A DOLPHIN’

To help raise fund for the vital environmental research there are 5 dolphins that you can adopt, you get a certificate and a picture, they tell you all about your dolphin.

I figured it was a good idea to help with fund raising by adopting a dolphin with the money I had put aside for my cancelled boat trips, it felt right...

I have chosen Cadfael, because he was the only welsh named dolphin. Cadfael means Warrior Prince ...  so the dolphin that our main character meets on his Quest will be this Dolphin, I have already scripted their dialogue in my head as if it were always there ... I was literally walking to the shop sketching the draft in my notebook, I was so inspired.

Hey, just a thought folks ... Why don't you adopt a dolphin too and help to conserve our beautiful wildlife. It's only £30.00 for the year and you get a £5 discount voucher for a boat trip as part of the adoption. Here's the link to their website ...

I was floating back down the road full of the most immense joy, 'Oh well, I thought to myself, not to worry if Mother Nature feels I should be land based this week, I will listen to her.'

But what I didn't know at this point was that the Warrior Prince was much closer to me than I thought ...

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