Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Women’s Movement: Contact Improvisation with Miranda Betts

Remember I said that I was going to go to Miranda’s Women’s Movement Day to get an insight into her work before our Arthur's Stone Film Shoot? Well, I did and had an absolutely joyous time! I've never done anything like this before and yet Miranda is a natural facilitator and made everyone feel able to access and engage. The whole event was well planned and thought through, her attention to detail was very touching; a range of herbal teas and coffees, an altar with candles, angel cards and power words.

These were my angel cards ...


Turns out that Rachel Hargrave who is working on the signed rhythm for me on my Fusion Inspire: Mermaid Tales piece, was our live musician for the whole day, responding the movements with music, it was truly moving, so I got a really great insight into how she plays in a totally holistic and intuitive way.

I cannot find any words that will explain more beautifully than the images from the day, only wish I could set them to music that Rachel was playing and you’d get a more holistic insight.  

Thanks Rosie & Liv for letting me photograph your dance ... stunning!

When I worked as a volunteer with street children in India some years ago, this is the incense that the chidlren had burning and it always reminds me of that spiritual and heart beating journey ... I smelt it as soon as I came into the room and I knew from that moment that I was supposed to be there ... all my nerves about my disability, about not being able to keep up went out the window ... a very energising day that has triggered a want to be more physical with my life.

I am SO excited about filming LegaC with Miranda and their structured improvisation for the Arthur's Stone Film Shoot ... What an adventure this is and how blessed am I to share this journey with such gifted creatives.

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