Friday, 4 May 2012

The Middle of Nowhere?

After we left Sharron’s, my sister and I followed her directions very carefully ... except ... well ... we got lost! Rather than turn back we decided to just keep going but then realised that we had forgotten to fill up with petrol.
‘Oh my God.’ My sister said, ‘we’re in the middle of nowhere!’

‘Mmm Think I’ll put that in my Story Line Gem,’
‘What, getting lost ...’
‘NO, the idea that there is place called the middle of nowhere,  cos if you think about it, everywhere is somewhere so you can never be in the middle of nowhere ...’
She laughed, ‘Oh Chez, that’s typical of you ... ‘
And yes I suppose it is .... head in clouds philosophising instead of worrying about the lack of petrol in the tank.
‘well, there’s no point worrying about it Gem, if we’re going to run out of petrol, there’s nothing worrying will put right ... what we need is a blooming garage ... ‘

And with that we passed a village sign Petrox ... which set us into a fit of giggles ...
‘Thanks Chez.’
‘What for?’
‘For not getting cross that I sent us the wrong way.’
‘Why would I, we’ve had great fun’

But as we turned the corner we were both stunned ...
We stopped the car and pulled over in complete shock.

‘Oh my God Gem, look at that!’

What is it?’
‘I reckon it’s a Power Station’
‘What, put here in this lovely countryside?’
‘That’s humans for you.’

The sheep nestled their lambs oblivious to the smoke billowing into the air far away in the distance ... it truly looked like a science fiction film scene/ screen back drop .. like Dr.No was stroking his white Persian kitty inside those smoking funnels.

‘Why have the sheep got blue numbers painted on them Chez.’
‘Why do you think Gem?’
‘Oh no ... how sad ... ‘
‘Yep, when their number’s up Gem ...


We jumped back in the beetle and coughed our way along the
road with the fumes left in the tank. We turned the corner .. and were greeted by 2 ENORMOUS tanks  .. yes, army tanks .. they were HUGE! You just can’t imagine how big they are until you are nose to nose with one ... TWO!

This must be the Ministry of Defence’ said Gem.
‘You know what love, I reckon you were right earlier on ...
‘When? Why?’
‘This must be the middle of nowhere after all Gem, cos surely they could only get away with putting huge weapons and power stations, numbered sheep and fumes in a nowhere place that no one knows about ...'
‘Sadly not ...'

We carried on our road following our noses; Lo and behold, we were right back to where we had started out.

We filled up the tank and set off on our next port of call unusually quietly for us, so I reckoned Gem felt the same eeriness as I did about what we had seen. We re-assured each other the way we have been doing since she was a toddler ...

‘Little Gem ...’
‘Yes Chez ...’
‘Love you mate.’
‘Love you more.’
‘Not possible ...’

Back to the production ... On The Quest that is now growing for our main character, Dai will now find himself looking for the middle of nowhere ... which must be somewhere & if it is somewhere, then it can't be in the middle of nowhere ...

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  1. perhaps the middle of nowhere is where we all go when beset by self-doubt, low confidence and despondency. xx


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