Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Crystal Power

Emma in her Rainbow Crystals Shop
where she sells the crystals and offers spiritual guidance as a shaman healer

Do you remember Emma at the start of this blog? She was with me on the cliff edge in Cardigan Bay when I experienced the monumental sunset moments ... and is a Shaman Healer ...

Emma & Suzanne at Grethe's 90th at Mandy's place.

Well, I was in Newcastle Emlyn the other day, where Emma has a wonderful Crystal Healing Shop. I decided to pop in and say hello. It was so lovely to see her and I will always feel very connected to her. When you think it was her words that were part of the motivation that set me on this Creative Journey, it will excite you as much as it does me to hear that when I walked in, Emma said she had an affirmation she felt she needed to share with me.

She wrote it out for me: Remember for a Shaman Healer, the term God  embraces all deities. I don’t actually know very much about it, but I do know that Emma is a very special person in tune with the deepest parts of awareness.

Here is what she wrote for me ....

From the God of my being
To the God of the Universe

I forgive myself

I love myself unconditionally

I AM the ONLY authority in my life

                                                          And so it is

I struggled a bit with the ‘Love yourself unconditionally’ That’s not as easy as it sounds! I know I’m so much harder on myself than I ever would be on someone else. I think many of us are. I don’t look in the mirror for what’s right, instead have become a finely tuned machine that can focus in on everything that is wrong without seeing or knowing at all, the whole person staring back at me in the flat one dimensional frowning reflection.

You are your own authority ... mmmm again, I get so easily swayed. I use it as a strength when I’m Directing huge Community Events, my strength is bending to embrace everyone’s needs, but  I also do it in my personal life! If I have a personal decision to make, rather than trust my gut, I will do a random survey of my loved ones and consider the range of views as a more important than my own. So I’m going to really need to think this through ...

These are obviously very important things for me to consider. I had not popped into The Crystal Shop by chance, I was meant to meet with Emma and receive this affirmation so I will take it very seriously and spend proper time thinking it through and putting it into some context in my life.

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