Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Dolphin Dancing

Woke up super doper early today to the sun bursting across the harbour. HOOOOOORRRAAAHHHH!!! 

Where the boats had been fighting off the weather’s grip on their mooring, now sails were raised and ready to glide effortlessly into the beyond.

I think I almost ran down to the boat booking service and when I got here a really lovely young woman sold me a ticket for the 11.45 2 Hour Dolphin trip. How exciting is that! Honestly, life does not get better than this!

So I thought I would go and book my holiday cottage for the end of May so that I can come back for another 4 days of Fusion retreat, but the office was closed.

What’s a girl to do ... spare hour before the boat? BEACH! I ran down to the shell covered sand to look for mermaid scales.

I was the only person there! Just the sea, the sand, the shells and me, boiling in my parker, jumper, boots, jeans and heavy socks. I whipped off as much as is decent these days, rolled up my flowery jeans and went in paddling.

The water was so wonderfully freezing cold ... I walked along the coast line and every time I found a mermaid scale I said thank you ... to the universe I think for presenting it me, and the more I said thank you, the more I found.

I decided to stop looking and to just enjoy the experience: there’s a lesson in there! Honestly, as soon as I did this, I came across the only whole scallop shell that I have seen all the time I have been here in the millions and trillions of broken shells I have wandered through. It was a gift from nature, she likes Fusion Inspire, I can feel she does, she was showing me that I am taking the right path.

Minutes later, the most beautiful large half piece of scallop shell, moulded softly by the sand and sea in their rhythmic dance back and fore to the shore line, was at my bare bathed feet.

‘Oh Thank you’ I yelped into the sky. I think I will wear this piece during the live performances of the production.

I held it in my hand almost all day, so tactile, such a reminder of the joy felt at finding it.

So, the hour skipped by without a blink of the sunshine and I scurried myself off down to the little fishing boat bobbing in the sea. It was too shallow by the quay so we had to put on bright orange life jackets.

I had a giggle to myself because attached to the jacket was a little plastic whistle, which I couldn’t resist blowing. I made a little half hearted blow, like the trickle of water ... I couldn’t see anyone hearing it and coming to my rescue!

We climbed aboard a sort of dingy. It was terribly exciting. Very close to the water and thrilling. We were ferried to our boat and away we chugged.

I have got to tell you, it is quite possibly 2 of the most wonderful hours of my entire life!

The coastline from the sea is STUNNING and the view outwards is entrancing! The sun gave such a light to the vastness that it split the sea and sky backdrop into every shade of blue imaginable; like a water colour painting where the artist has managed to invent new unimaginable shades in just one colour. So beautiful that I almost wanted to weep.

All I had with me was my broken little hand held but as if by magic, from nowhere, up he came, the most beautiful and utterl magestic creature I have witnessed in my entire life, curving across the wave right in front of me. I thought my heart would stop. I almost wished I hadn't been filming and that I would have seen him with my own eyes rather than through my camera.

I am so utterly chuffed! I will be using this clip in the filmscape when the storyline is the dialogue between Cadfael & Dafydd.

I have had lots of moments like that this week. Where this coast line, our coast line, the western coast line of Wales, right here on our doorstep, is quite possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life, And doesn’t that fit in with the whole story of the Dragon Tree, our Dafyydd on his quest finding that the key was with him all along.

Maybe I am Dafydd and this whole production is more biographical than I realised? I haven’t meant for that to happen, it’s not what I planned as I didn’t really ‘plan' anything, rather responded to opportunity presented and then write the narrative around those things, and now, I realise that the narrative in many ways, is my own; It seems this really is a Journey Through my Creative Mind!

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