Monday, 7 May 2012

The Queen’s Beach

So here it is folks! Mandy’s Family Beach on her 103 acres at Morfa Isaf B&B.

Absolutely breath takingly stunning!

So why have I called it The Queen's Beach?

Well, if the Queen comes to Cardigan and ever she wishes to go to the beach, there is an arrangement between the National Trust and Mandy's family that Her Royal Highness would come here, to Morfa Isaf's Little Cove: A Piece of Heaven. 

Mandy took me across the field through the cows (see earlier blog) the way she has always gotten down to the secret little cove; it is approved by the National Trust so we will be safe for all the dancers and drummers to get down to it.

You could think I had taken leave of my senses filming here in October but I have to respond to what is offered by the universe, and the Arts Care Gofal Celf: LegaC Contemporary Dancers will not be starting to choreograph til September. This is the only time I can work with them for filming, so I trust that it is what is meant to be. They will represent the sea and be dancing our of the waves. Their choregraphy led by the sign language of the lyrics.

The rocks will be represented by Rachel Hargrave and her drummers, who will be sat on rock ledges, playing the piece that Rachel is drafting based on the rhythm of the lyric sign language

This will be the opening shot of the Fusion Inspire: The Dragon Tree filmscape ...

Story board for filmscape 1:

The Mother of all Mermaids (who will be played in the filmscape by
Maggie Hampton, Director of Disability Arts Cymru, stood on the rock in the sea in a float-y dress, signing the lyrics to the song) is concerned that so many of her 'women fish' (Literally translatted from sign labguage, mermaid is woman-fish) are being captured and taunted by the Fishermen of the West Coast of Wales (Reference to the folk story: Pergrin's Mermaid).

To teach them a lesson, The Mother of all Mermaids sends her lover, the West Wind, to do his worse, blowing the crystal blue seas hard and heavy until even the tallest church bell tower on the once dry lands of Cardigan Bay is cast to the sea bed. (Reference to the Legend of the Lost Low Lands)

The fishermen scramble for safety to no avail, only those who have managed to charm safety from captured women-fish manage to escape. (Reference to the folk story Jemma Seasalt)

All except Dafydd (Who will be played in this filmscape by actor, Simon Morgan Thomas) 

The Mother of all Mermiads  can read his heart. She feels a kindness for him and his love of his coastline, but to keep him safe and to show him who he is, she takes his memories for safe keeping, encapsulating them into an amonite, threading them onto a string of shells and taking them to a place that no-one will find without due test.

He begins his quest to 'find' himself, a hunt for the key to his quest ...  travelling back and for across the West Coast of Wales to 'The Wise Women' at New Quay, 'The Children of the Wind' at Alltwallis Wind Farm; Caught between a Rock and a hard place at 'Arthur's Stone' in the Gower (Reference to 3 folk stories attached to the area), 600 Castles (represented by Llansteffan or Picton??)

He travels by coracle (reference to River teifi and the Coracle Master) by Steam Train (reference to Gwili Train Station)  Sings with the Dolphins of Cardigan Bay (Refernce to Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre: ) Until he almost gives up Hope, represented by an unemployed young man from Llanelli (reference to the difficulties faced by coastal resorts out of season) .. before finding his Dragon Tree (reference to a piece of graffiti on the street walls)

Come & follow Dafydd's journey as he sings deep in the seas with dolphins and dances with the elements ...

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