Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Dancing for Friendship : 1 Giant Leap

Sam Collins: Creative Artist

Whilst tucked away in New Quay on cat sitting duty/retreat, 3 friends popped in to visit me. One of them was The Dream Catcher from an earlier blog, my beautiful friend Sam Collins.

She was fresh back from a weekend with Jamie Catto (Faithless) who was one of the producers 1 Giant Leap, an amazing  project travelling the world for 6 months talking with and recording/filming musicians to edit into the most beautiful global film.

Sam went on Jamie's weekend and it sounds AMAZING!

One of the things that really caught me was a visualisation excercise that he did with them, asking them to think of their project and stating exactly what you want to happen with it ... no holes barred, cast away low expectations and modesty, ignore that which seems impossible, just to state exactly what you want, becasue that way the universe is aware, and so are you! (which is one of the same, cos if you think it through, we are the universe)

So, I'm going to have a go at it ... here's my first attempt!

  • Dreamworks will contact me and ask to discuss the rights of The Dream Tree to make it into a film!
  • I will be asked to come onto TV and Culture Programs to talk about the layers in my production!
  • The BBC will contact me and fund me to make the next phase of The Dragon Tree ... I will be contracted to 'Fusion Inspire' all over the world
  • I will be offered a publishing contract to make a series of books based on my Fusion Inspire Production
  • I will be invited to travel the world recording Dolphin songs and make a global album harmonising with famous choirs and global dolphins
  • My songs in the production will become part of everyday consciousness and in hunderds of years time people will still be singing them
  • My new folk story will become part of history and people will believe The Dragon Tree has always existed!
  • Heavens to Betsy, I will be the next JK Rowling!

Wow .. this is quite good fun! :) It's making me chuckle!! How naughty! Daring to visualise! Give it a go!

Thinking about it, I use to do this a lot when I was little and got told off for being an air head!

Anyways ... before Sam left she turned her msuic on and led me in a Nia Dance routine, just me and her (and Fudge with one eye sleeping) moving and energising to the pulsing rhythms of move specific composition. There's something very special about dancing with a friend. Thanks Sam! I felt completely energised and as she left, my next guest was arriving ...

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