Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Tracing Elgar's Welsh Tune

If I have to sit for one more minute in front of this computer, I thought, I will blow a fuse!

So I put my coat on and decided to got to Llangrannog. Do you remember in an earlier blog I was saying that I had heard Elgar's Welsh Tune on Classic FM and it had influenced my computer generated industrial piece for the first movement of Dance the Ribbons with the children of the Eco Council??

Well, I thought it might rather be fun to go down to the beach where he was inspired and listen/record the sea and try to find the 4 part string section .. See if I could hear Elgar in the waves.

Imagine it ...  I've got my trousers rolled up, hair wild and random, up to my knees in waves recording the sea in different spots to hear the Bass, Alto etc when I am approached by a camera team making a film for Theatr Felinfach's Cultural Olympiad Celebrations ... so I ended up being in thier film :)) Fabulous!

It was great for recording and I so wish I had taken my little digital recorder but I only had my video. I will wait for another quiet weather evening and pop down again.

I couldn't find the plaque on Elgar which on the internet says is there, so will need to look again but a chap in the cafe said that Elgar was staying with friends from London at Pigeonston Manor?? Now then, I've looked that up on the internet and can't find it so I'm wondering did I hear him right??

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