Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Recording the Rhythm of Sign Language

The lovely Rachel Hargrave came round yesterday and recorded the percussion section of Mermaid Tales which will be the opening song in my production. It is her interpretation fo Maggie Hampton's signing of my lyrics .. it's very exciting hearing Rachel's interpretation. I thought I would want to put piano with it but funnily enough it works perfectly with an instrumental piece on ukulele I have written whilst in New Quay called 'Seagull' & have been working on this week. And it needs a bass line too ...

Here are some pictures of Rachel doing her wonderful thang in my studio :)

It was so exciting hearing all the layers come together

And as she laid down the tracks I could feel the waves, the boat ...

When she left I write a sea shanty to go at the start so that it leads to the build up of the Mermaid's Wrath!

Can't wait to put all the pieces together with the filmscape at Morfa Isaf later this year! Rachel will come with ehr drumming group, and any others of you that would like to join us, and the drummers will be sat in the rocks, at one with the rocks ... while the dancers are the sea ....

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