Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Clock Watching!

A Watch for Dai ...

Someone said to me yesterday that they were blown away by the level of detail that I am putting into Fusion Inspire. To be honest, all my work is this intense! I can only be motivated when I am passionate, and when I am passionate, I love to create layers that noone might even see or notice, but that are there as the foundations, the framework. It's how I work when I am Directing  Community Projects; Always open to opportunity.

I don't normally get the time to be this attentive to my own work but my Individual Mainline Grant from The Arts Council of Wales has enabled me to give the same focus to my own work as I do the work of others, and for this I feel as if I will always be eternally grateful!

In the picture, you see my latest layer to Dai and his past life ... This old pocket watch, with no hands, is an ex-service men edition ... what does it tell us about our character? Why does he still carry it with him?

  • That he has taken control of even time itself?
  • That he holds onto the memory of the friends he lost ?
  • That he has few possessions and those he does have he treasures forever?
  • That time has stood still, evaporated?
  • That time should not be measured in minutes but in experiences?
  • That he is holding onto the past?
  • That he is a survivor
  • Maybe it is his Father's watch?
  • What if he stole it? What would that say about him? 
It's endless isn't it ... all this from a £2 ebay purchase!

I love the assumptions we make based on artefacts and how powerful that can be in a production ... think about it, your things will outlive you and in the future, people will make assumptions about you and your people based upon them! They will dig deep into the mud to find the bowls you ate from, the clothes you wore, your very bones will intrigue them!

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