Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Caravan Karma

Back up to the Caravan Park to see if this is where my retreat could be based ...
 Caravan Carwyn, who I have spent so much time with discussing the possibility of me being able to afford one of his mobile static homes, is now almost family and is likely to be coming to us for Christmas Dinner! Actually, joking apart, he may well  be pulling crackers with us if I buy the blooming van! The great thing is that the site only closes in January and Feb for 6 weeks. So actually, where the locals keep telling me I could get a much cheaper site, if you work it out pro rata the difference is not so grand.

Anyways, CC rang and said I could go up today to see my sites and look for the ‘perfect van’ I love the way he keeps saying that ... ‘So, we’ve found the perfect site, all we need now is the view’; ‘So, we’ve found the perfect site and the perfect view, all we need now is the perfect van’; ‘So we’ve found the perfect site, view and van .... ALL WE NEED NOW IS THE PERFECT MONEY! Ha!

My feeling is that Carwyn is a tad wasted working here. He loves it, that’s obvious because of the glint in his eye and the swagger in his step, he has lived caravans all his life, his parents had one and he adapted his room into a DJ’s Den with decks and bumping speakers ... but I think he could do anything he wanted with his life. Well, I suppose we all could, but you know how some people have just got a way with them. He’s a boy his Mother can be proud of ... well I say boy, he’s probably late twenties, but he seems youthful, full of spring lambs! I like that when I’m buying something. I want the person doing the selling to want me to be happy. Not to make me feel small or stupid, but to embrace my smallness and stupidity as if it were perfectly acceptable!

So fabulous is Carwyn at his job that I will almost miss him once the deal is done!

So, brass tacks! I need to experience sleeping in a caravan on the site to know how it feels. Carwyn waves his magic wand, Allah Shazzam! He has booked me, on the bank Holiday May weekend, into a van in the row where my potential van will be pitched, to Try before I buy. Told you he was good didn’t I!

So we shall see ... I’m going to ask Jeff to come with me though just in case I get scared because I have never stayed in a caravan on my own in my entire life!

I wonder if I will buy it? I wonder if this piece of heaven is going to be my creative retreat or if I just won’t be able to gift it to myself. I hope I do and I hope it’s the right thing to do and I hope that Carwyn hasn’t charmed the wool over my eyes.

Assuringly, I met an old couple on the way down to the beach at the end of the Wooded walk and they have been caravanning all their life. They have rented and owned and they said that in all this time, this site is the only one that they have stayed on all day. Usually, they use their van as a base and travel round, but it was so beautiful here, that they found no need to go away. Now that, is promising! Everyone I met and chatted with on my walk through the tree canopies and over wood chipped pathway, was smiling and happy, like we all lived in a parallel universe where the internet hadn’t been invented and all that mattered was walking the dog to the beach! BLISS!

But there are always sceptics ... locals in the pub telling me how much cheaper it would be for me to rent a van in a muddy field way out of the village without any views .. but why would I want to do that?

Maybe I should go back to the affirmation given to me last week by Emma:
I am my own authority ... (stop listening to ‘bloke in the pub ‘and follow your heart)
Love yourself unconditionally ... (love myself enough to gift myself this wonderful adventure)

Let’s see how we get on Saturday. I spoke to my Mum about it on the phone, and she reminded me about my disability and how this may be a problem with regard to the bed. I have a special mattress at home. Mmm, forgot about that! BANG CRASH LANDING! Back to earth with a horrendous thud!

But hey ho! Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Will keep you posted anyways!

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