Monday, 3 July 2017

Are words alone, enough?

Having spent my entire life as a singer/ songwriter, storyteller &/or spoken word artist, I am now experimenting with mixed and multi media to find new, quiet, tinnitus & hyperacusis friendly ways through which to express my creative writing.

I have been making and photographing images within which to embed my text, just as I would have embedded these flows of consciousness within my music

Then last night, when I was laying awake deafened by tinnitus, I got to thinking ... what if my words are enough on their own? What if I do not need another medium to replace music and my written words alone, are the medium.

And so this evening, Jeff very kindly came over to Quiet Space Studio & Gallery to install my first 2 poetry frames, hanging in what will be 'Poet's Corner' at Quiet Space. I love these insitu floating frames. They instantly give me a Poetry Gallery.

I chose 2 poems from my forthcoming collection 'A Conversation with Tinnitus.' 

When I stood back and looked at them, I felt strangely moved in a way I have not experienced before. 

In many ways, I have been stripping myself back to the core throughout the whole experience of my hearing impairment. This feels like another layer being shed. For the first time, I have a sense that perhaps my words alone, are enough.

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